Flexibility in privacy at work; in other words, people’s willingness to turn their private lives into their jobs makes them more satisfied with their jobs. Work-related flexibility while out of the office reduces work stress, although it increases working hours.

How should we balance work and life?

It is important to build a bridge between the work one does and the reason for being in life to establish a work life balance. In a sense, if the pleasure one gets while doing a job is more than the pleasure one gets while spending the money from that job, the person will have less difficulty in establishing a work-life balance. At this point, the meaning attributes to his work become important.

Components of work and life balance

Almost all of the areas that affect happiness are directly or indirectly related to business life. Factors affecting happiness and life satisfaction and facilitating work-life balance can be listed as follows:

Time on the way to work

The most intense negative emotion experienced by people is the length of time spent on the road for work. Those living in big cities, spend a significant part of their energy commuting to work. A study conducted in the USA revealed that if each extra hour spent on the road is worth forty thousand dollars, the loss in quality of life can be compensated.

Long Working Hours

It is unrealistic for employees in a competitive environment to think of business life as being limited to standard working hours. However, the fact that working overtime becomes a natural part of the job also harms life satisfaction. Despite high wages, unrealistic workload and very long working hours make employees unhappy. It may even make him feel like a slave selling his body for money.

Annual Holiday

For whatever reason, it is necessary to take a holiday at least two weeks a year, if possible, by splitting it. This holiday is important for rejuvenating the mind and body, fun activities, and spending time with the family.

Socializing after work

Western research suggests that the most positive mood after sex is time spent with friends after work. A time spent with friends after work both improves friendship and relaxes the person.

The right boss or manager

Gallup‘s research on healthy living has revealed that working with the right boss is the biggest determinant of job satisfaction. The characteristics of people defined as good boss or manager are listed as follows:

  • Approachability
  • Feedback
  • Expectations
  • Delegation
  • Be a good listener
  • Confidence
  • Make you feel valued.

Teaching Opportunity

It has been observed that those who are in a position to teach others something in their work experience more satisfaction in their profession. For this reason, teaching young people or others what they know in a part of the weekly shift has a positive effect on life satisfaction. It has been found that people in this position have a more positive outlook on their work and life, experience a sense of meaning, and have a higher energy level.

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