If you’re wondering why you’re doing less productive work than you planned, it may be due to your current working methods. Of course, there are simple rules to be followed to get more work done at the end of the day.

The Right Tools

The ability to create tools and equipment distinguishes us from other living things. If the right tools are used regularly, they are arguably the most decisive factor that positively affects our productivity.

Whether it’s software, a machine, or the chair you’re sitting in, using the best tools for your job will make a huge difference in the number of jobs you complete at the end of the day.

Manage Your Time and Business

Simple time management can help you make good use of your time. As you start the day, you should know what tasks you will complete that day.

It’s a useful way to rank and prioritize your work. How can you prioritize how the work will be done and who will do the work?

  • According to your manager’s demands
  • According to the deadlines by which the works must be completed
  • According to project plans
  • According to the benefits of jobs
  • In order of arrival
  • Like, according to the problems that things will cause you.

It is also of great importance to group your works according to their urgency and importance while making this order.

Learn to Say “No”

You should be able to say “No” to situations that will interrupt your work. Except for urgent matters and a few exceptions, you can warn people around you not to be distracted while you are busy working on a job.

Focus on One Study at a Time

Focus on One Study at a Time

The concept of “simultaneous work” is one of the misunderstood issues we frequently encounter. This is not very possible, especially if the work you will do is of a kind that requires attention.

Even the best at it can work with quick transitions from one study to the next while focusing on only one study at a time. Studies show that working by switching between multiple jobs at the same time reduces productivity.

Know When You’re Not Productive

There may be times during the day when we are all unproductive. The important thing is to be aware of these times; morning, afternoon, or evening? You can use these times with easy-to-do tasks that you repeat every day.

After all, we are not machines, and working with one study for too long can bore us. When you start to feel tired or have trouble focusing, take a break from work, maybe a snack break will do you good.

Turn Your Unproductive Times into Advantage

Small tasks to complete while traveling or not working will allow you to devote more time to more important tasks.

Clear Your Mind

It may be counterintuitive, but when you can’t do it for long periods trying to solve a problem, leave it to the next day. The solution to a difficult problem often came to my mind when I went home in the evening and went to bed. Even if it didn’t, a fresh mind the next day will help you solve the problem.

Benefit From Previous Studies

The copy-paste method is very useful in some situations to increase efficiency. If you are a programmer you can use ready-made codes, if you are preparing a presentation, you can use graphics, slides, or texts from previous presentations.

Using templates will also save you time. Creating a sharing file in your company and sharing your work with other people will positively affect everyone’s productivity.

Sometimes Work From Home

In some cases, working from home can increase your productivity as you get away from the distractions in the office environment. Of course, it is also important that you have the necessary tools and equipment to work at home and that the environment is suitable for working. If there is a separate office or room; You can close your door and spend a productive day.

As a result;

High productivity benefits your team and your company, but how does it affect you?

  • You can complete your work in a shorter time.
  • You can complete your important work and critical projects on time
  • You can have the chance to spend time on more important work and projects.
  • A pleasant business life: With the completion of the works on time, your motivation and job happiness increase.
  • You can use the time you earn to improve yourself.


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